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Exit Splash Discount



Exit SplashReview

Launched On Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Watch the video below and see how Top Guns Gurus are already profiting from Canadian Technology produced by "Super Dave



Brief Review:


My thoughts on the ExitSplash Software by: Dave Guindon

ExitSplash A New and Innovative Software

Dave Guindon releases the ExitSplash script, that captures your exiting traffic and converts these to actual sales. How's that for making money online, right? Each day, there are people who leave your site and never return.

Get in Early and..Get the Discount! GO Here Now !

ExitSplash Is NOT Just another Pop-Up/Over.
What if you can take your site's existing traffic, and give your visitors a chance to become your customers?
Or what if you can transform your "lost" traffic into
affiliate marketing sales?
Here's how it works...
If you remember, Dave Guindon is the creator of the Virtual Smart Agent which is another script that gives your site's leaving visitors a chance to do business with you.

He also released the very popular "
Dave's Online Videos " and many other useful software packages.
The virtual smart agent uses artificial intelligence to
give pre-written answers to your questions your customers might ask.
In some cases, a discount or promo coupon is offered, and the person who was on the verge of leaving your website ends up giving you business.
Well, ExitSplash is similar to VSA except that instead of having a virtual agent appear, a webpage or splash page is shown to people who leave your web site without buying your product or signing up for your newsletter.
The best way to see this in action is to visit:
... and then try and close the browser, visit another site. You will see a special page appear when you attempt to leave that site.
This is a great way to monetize existing traffic which you normally would just lose every day. Why leave money on the table, right?

Imagine, without having to increase your site traffic, your sales go up, and you get easy cash.
Or if that's not your objective, you can increase your mailing list subscribers, or boost your affiliate commissions, or even further grow your Twitter followers.
AND here is another Great feature... Exitsplash will also get you Twitter Followers by the hundred in auto pilot. This feature alone can make you lots of cash;-)
The bottom-line is, you now have a tool which you can use to convert what otherwise would have been "lost" traffic into something more profitable and productive for you.
Here's a tip==>> Do not use this on your sites which are monetized using Adsense. Use ExitSplash, instead, on sites where you sell your own info product, or where you have no form of PPC advertising. Make money by selling eBooks and downloadable
==> Find out how you can make this work for YOU. h t t p : //w w w . e x i t s p l a s h .com
I also heard rumors he is including a few more very powerful scripts you can quickly insert into your exit pages. And by the way Exit Splash works … I can’t wait to see what else this guy is inventing!
For now, get over to his site and check out the video as well as the customer review videos,
It’s Worth Your Time:

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